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We reshape the clinical nutrition decision process

Dim3 leverages digital excellence with clinical and scientific experience to trigger a virtuous circle for clinical nutrition through technology.

We provide medical device grade, easy to use and reliable software and hardware that benefit all patients, caregivers and institutions along the nutrition chain.


  • Earlier preventive actions;
  • Individual follow-up of tailored nutrition plan;
  • Shorter length of stay;
  • Reduce the frequency of complications and hospital re-admissions.

Nutrition team

  • Centralized visualization of patients nutrition status;
  • Optimal nutrition simulation;
  • Manual entry time and errors savings;
  • Structured data pool to support scientific analysis and improvements.


  • Evidence based practices on nutrition management;
  • Data history and clear dashboards to stimulate a better interdisciplinary/Inter-hospitals dialogue on nutrition;
  • Recognized cost savings/additional revenues;
  • Concrete building block for JCI or other professional accreditation programs.

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Dim3 is an ISO13485 certified company, ensuring the best quality standard in the design and manufacturing of our medical devices.

Our Scientific Committee gathers world-class experts in clinical nutrition, health economics and medical laboratory services that help us strive for up-to-date excellence in our product development and scientific approach.